Sing Gently Title
Video poster background with the back of Eric Whitacre.
Video Thumb of Eric Whitacre and online singers.

Sing Gently

Video Thumb of Ragazzi Boys singer.

Behind the Scenes

Video Thumb of Eric Whitacre and Mike Dickey.

Mike Dickey Interview

World Premiere of "Sing Gently" for upper voices
The making of "Sing Gently" - a behind the scenes look at a virtual choir
A conversation between Eric Whitacre and Mike Dickey, co-founder of JackTrip Labs

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Sing Gently” for upper voices is hosted by Eric Whitacre and features three different choirs singing together over four hundred miles apart within the state of California. This online performance was made possible with the power of JackTrip Virtual Studio on May 21, 2021.

Image infographic showing all the choir groups playing in the event.

The event includes over 400 miles of separation between the Northern and Southern choir groups! With over 80 singers involved at this event, each one is to perform live from their home utilizing the JackTrip Virtual Studio

Image of the SF Girl's Chorus
San Francisco Girls Chorus
Image of the Ragazzi Boys Chorus
Ragazzi Boys Chorus
Image of the Southern California Children's Chorus
Southern California Children's Chorus

JackTrip Virtual Studio is currently available as a free beta in over 50 locations worldwide.

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