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JackTrip Network Music Technology

The JackTrip open source software application enables the live performance of music over the Internet by dramatically reducing the audio latency common in other online collaborations solutions while preserving the original audio quality. It was developed at Stanford University by Professor Chris Chafe and his team and has been in use worldwide since the early 2000's. A large community of advocates and technical contributors continue to make improvements. JackTrip was published under an MIT open source license in 2007 (copyrighted by Juan-Pablo Caceres and Chris Chafe at Stanford University).

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The JackTrip Foundation

The mission of the JackTrip Foundation is to make high-quality performance of music over the Internet feasible and accessible to everyone. It was formed through a collaboration between Stanford University’s Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA) and Silicon Valley software entrepreneurs to alleviate the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on ensembles and musical arts organizations. The Foundation is dedicated to furthering online musical arts and education by offering programs for users of the JackTrip Network Music Technology including testing, seminars, partnerships, newsletters, workshops, educational videos and articles.

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JackTrip Virtual Studio

To make the performance of music over the Internet as easy as possible for a broad audience, we developed a new web application, services and plug-and-play devices that automate the configuration, deployment and management of the JackTrip Network Music Technology. This hardware and software combination makes it easy for groups of any size to quickly get up and running at minimal cost and effort, without requiring deep technology skills. Virtual Studio is a commercial service operated by JackTrip, LLC, which is wholly owned by the JackTrip Foundation. All after-tax profits from Virtual Studio are contributed to the JackTrip Foundation to further its non-profit mission.

Understanding latency and why it is important

All communications create latency as it takes time for a sound to travel across distance. When making a sound, the further away you are from someone, the longer it takes to be heard.

JackTrip has found a way to help minimize latency when communicating through the internet. Learn how latency works, how to minimize it, and the different types of models available to connect with each other. Click here to learn more.

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